Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Beach Bums - Monty Montgomery

Monty Montgomery, a renown street artist, popped by SDSU to put together a little demo for us. He shared his creative expertise and demonstrated some helpful ways of dealing with over-spray and things of that nature. Pretty much anything that would pose a problem to us novice graphic artists. He was to transform two ordinary benched into masterpieces of geometric abstraction, and he did just that! His mixture of solid black line and color interaction melded perfectly in creating works of art. Whenever I pass by the old administration building, I go out of my way to get a glimpse at them.

Similar to us, his benches were primed and he worked for several days putting the final touches all together. He actually changed locations and relocated to "The Pit" of the art building. There, he didn't have to worry about strong winds, crowds, or excessive heat. I visited him there a few times and took photos and just talked with the guy. He's really cool, down to earth, and definitely knows his stuff.

Monty engaging in lecture and the artistic process

The final products

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